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Our fastest growing personality assessment, the Work Personality Index®, has been updated and improved! Our expert research and development team, led by Dr. Donald Macnab, has been hard at work collecting and analyzing data from thousands of test takers around the world. The new version of the Work Personality Index assessment with updated items, norms, scales and reports is now available!

The Work Personality Index assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance. Unlike other personality assessments the Work Personality Index assessment only measures personality traits that are directly related to the work environment and job performance, plus it avoids complex personality factors making interpretation of results easier than traditional personality assessments.

Gain a complete picture of individual’s work personality. Based on a model of 21 personality traits that measure distinct aspects of work personality, the Work Personality Index assessment describes an individual’s style in terms of job related strengths and weaknesses. These reports provide valuable information to assist with selecting employees, team building, coaching, employee retention, leadership development and succession planning.

Below you will find a number of documents including the new manual, frequently asked questions and what changes have been made to the Work Personality Index assessment.

FAQ Document

A document that outlines changes from the previous version and new version of the Work Personality Index assessment, and answers frequently asked questions.
Download FAQ

Work Personality Index User Manual

An essential reference for users of the Work Personality Index® assessment. The manual includes information on the WPI model, administration, interpreting results, development and norming, reliability and validity, and special purposes scales.
Download Manual

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