Coaching, Team Building, Employee Retention

Once you have the right people in place, it’s time to give your employees the opportunity to build upon their strengths and evaluate future opportunities that will increase their success. The WPI helps employees become aware of their skills, preferences and values and identifies areas for development.

Help employees improve their effectiveness, form strong teams, and ultimately, improve organizational engagement and retention.


Development Report

Help individuals become more effective. This report is designed as a tool for professional growth. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing success at work and in life. The report focuses on personal characteristics and behaviours that influence how individuals perform in work settings, and it contains information about preferences, strengths, and techniques for increasing effectiveness.
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Career Report

Help individuals chart their career paths. The Career report provides insight into an individual's personality traits, the kinds of work they enjoy, and how they can manage career change. It describes an individual's work style, their approach to solving problems, managing change, and dealing with stress. The report provides exercises to help people understand their work strengths and develop a plan for changing careers.
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