Measure Job-Fit

Begin your talent management process by choosing the right people the first time. Research demonstrates employees selected with the help of pre-employment tests are on average 40% more productive.

The Work Personality Index® assessment will help you measure job fit. It provides a valid and dependable assessment of behavior that directly influences a person’s work performance and task effectiveness. Based on a model of 21 personality traits, it shows you how a person will interact with others, complete their tasks, solve problems and deal with change. Use this information to match applicants’ characteristics with job requirements, increasing both the efficiency and accuracy of your selection process.


Select Report

Identify the best candidates. This report provides you with a comprehensive, objective assessment of work behaviour. The Select report describes a candidate’s approach to tasks, way of interacting with people, and performance at work. The Select report is a powerful tool to complement ability testing and structured interviews. The Work Personality Index Select Report will provide valuable behavioural information before your next hiring decision.

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Job Match

Make your selection process more efficient and effective. Our experts will work with you to create custom job profiles to reflect the demands and key performance metrics that are required for success in your organization.

The Job Match Report provides an overall fit score facilitating objective and efficient candidate decisions.

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Case Studies

Retail Organization

Work Personality Index® assessment helps retail organizations improve hiring decisions.
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Australian Department of Justice

The Work Personality Index® tool gives the Department of Justice an objective measure to successfully promote Prison Officers.
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Australian Rules Football

Aussie Rules Football team uses the Work Personality Index® assessment to recruit for success.
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